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Archive for January 2018

Do You Think Too Highly of Your Filtered Water Pitcher?

If you have a filtered pitcher, you likely feel fairly confident about the water you pour out of it to drink. However, you may not have known, some of the leading filtered pitcher brands are not filtering out many of the worst contaminants that may be in tap water. Exceptional marketing efforts over the years…

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How Simple Are Direct Connect Filter Changes?

If you have not yet changed a Pure Blue H2O Direct Connect System Single-Stage filter you may not realize just how simple changing the filter actually is. Filter changes essentially only require turning the water off, quarter turning the old filter out from the manifold head, and quarter turning the new filter into the manifold…

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Are You Drinking Unfiltered Water At Restaurants?

Besides the possibility that ice in your free cup of water at a restaurant could have been retrieved by someone’s hand, raising sanitary concerns, another concern arises. Restaurants that are still serving unfiltered tap water, may have no concern in regards to the quality of the water they are giving you. If the water isn’t…

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