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Four More Charged Over Tainted Water in Flint

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced felony charges against four

more officials in December of 2016, that exposed Flint, Mich., residents to high

levels of lead.


The list of those charged included two of Flint’s former emergency managers, Jerry

Ambrose and Darnell Earley, and two city plant officials, Howard Croft and

Daugherty Johnson, according to CNN.


The four men were accused of misleading the Michigan Department of Treasury to

get millions in bonds and then misuse the money to finance a pipeline. Flint would

then hook up to that pipeline so that it would no longer have to pay the city of

Detroit for drinking water.


Buried in the bond application was a paragraph stating that, during the construction

of the pipeline, the Flint River would be used for the city’s drinking water.

Meanwhile, serious concerns were being voiced about the Flint water plant’s ability

to effectively treat its water.


These charges bring the tally of those charged to 13 people, each of whom are

being held accountable for putting money before the health of Flint residents.