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Do You Think Too Highly of Your Filtered Water Pitcher?

If you have a filtered pitcher, you likely feel fairly confident about the water you pour out of it to drink. However, you may not have known, some of the leading filtered pitcher brands are not filtering out many of the worst contaminants that may be in tap water. Exceptional marketing efforts over the years have done a good job of presenting these filtered pitchers and distracting the consumer from what they do not filter out of the water.

One website featuring a filtered carafe states that the filter was “independently tested to the highest NSF 42 / Class 1 Standard“. An unknowing consumer may be misled by this statement, but stating independently tested clarifies that the filter is not NSF Certified. Find out more about NSF standard 42 on the Official NSF Website. Based on the claim being quoted above a person with arsenic, DDT, or lead in their water supply could be drinking water without a filter tested to reduce those chemicals.


Filtered pitchers may be NSF Certified or alternately independently tested to remove more than just chlorine taste and odor or class 1 particulates, but when deciding if you want a filtered pitcher, it’s good to know what it might not be filtering out of the water. For instance if you wanted Chromium 6 filtration you may want to see a performance data sheet to verify if a filter does indeed filter. You might need to contact a water filtration company directly to inquire about a Performance Data Sheet, if you do not see a PDS listed on their website, so you can see data for contaminant reduction percentages.

The Pure Blue H2O NSF Certified 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System has a downloadable Performance Data Sheet.
If you have a friend or family member that seems a little too confident drinking from their filtered pitcher, and you have a feeling they don’t know what contaminants they might still be drinking, you may want to suggest they look at a Performance Data Sheet.