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How Much Could You Spend Annually Buying One Water Bottle Per Day?

If someone bottled up some air with a nice label and catchy name, then offered it to you for $1, would you buy it? Based on the popularity of bottled water chances seem to indicate that you might. Research, including the Environmental Working Group Tap Water Database, indicates numerous problems with unfiltered tap water so it makes sense that people are turning to tap water alternatives. However, with residential tap water treatment solutions available, and reusable bottles available to take filtered water at home on-the-go, people are still paying top dollar for plastic bottles that are often filled with tap water that has undergone the reverse osmosis process or some alternate form of filtration. So what could you spend on specific water bottle brands if you bought 1 bottle per day for an entire year.



Fiji® bottled water retails at $2.18 on for a 50.7 fl oz at the time of writing this article. Buying online with shipping came out to $8.17 (note: shipping price is variable based on location), based on that price buying a single bottle of 50.7 fl oz Fiji® online everyday for a year would cost $2,982.05. Hypothetically if the cost was $2.18 at a gas station and you bought one everyday for one year that would be $795.70.


Glacéau Smart Water®

As of writing this a 33.8 fl oz bottle of Coco Cola owned Smart Water® retails for $2.79 at an Office Depot store located in Tampa. Buying one bottle per day for a year at that price would cost you $1.018.35 per year. That’s  6,168.5 less annual fluid ounces than the Fiji® bottle listed above would provide for $222.65 extra cost when buying in store every day.



On as of writing this a 23.7 fl oz bottle of PepsiCo owned LIFEWTR™ retails for $4.34 at With shipping (variable based on location) buying one 23.7 oz bottle of LIFEWTER™ once per day for one year, online via, you’d spend $3,883.60. Buying one bottle in store at $4.34 per 23.7 fl oz bottle once per day for one year would cost $1,584.10. That’s 9,855 less annual fluid ounces than the Fiji® bottle listed above at $788.40 more cost when buying in store. Additionally that’s 3,686.50 less annual fluid ounces than the LIFEWTR™ bottle listed above at $565.75 extra in store annual cost.