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How to Find Your Local Water Contaminant Reports

Knowing what is in your tap water, and who supplies your local water, is vital information
to protect your family and yourself from potential illness caused by exposure, or ingestion of
harmful contaminants.


Thankfully resources are available to help inform you about what is in your water.
The Water Quality Association has a list of Common Hidden Contaminants found in tap water.
EPA’s Consumer Confidence Report Webpage provides access to reports and information to
help you learn more about your local tap water supply.


Each year you should receive an annual drinking water quality report from your local
water supplier also known as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). The United States
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides an interactive map so you can access
CCR reports anytime.

Click here to access the interactive map and search for your local CCR.


A Water Quality Test Kit can also help you determine if your water contains
harmful contaminant levels. Pure Blue H2O NSF Certified 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
and Replacement Filters can help you protect yourself from harmful contaminants
found in tap water.