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Are You Drinking Unfiltered Water At Restaurants?

Besides the possibility that ice in your free cup of water at a restaurant could have been retrieved by someone’s hand, raising sanitary concerns, another concern arises. Restaurants that are still serving unfiltered tap water, may have no concern in regards to the quality of the water they are giving you. If the water isn’t filtered and the restaurant has not tested the water, how can you really know what is in the water you are drinking? With growing concerns about tap water contaminants such as lead, arsenic, and chromium 6, more people are demanding a higher standard of water quality, while also taking precaution in regards to the water they are willing to drink.

If you are health conscious, and conscientious of the water you put into your body, why then would you accept or drink water at a restaurant that does to live up to a higher standard of quality. How many restaurants still serve free tap water, while making no effort to reassure patrons that the water runs through a filtration system? Restaurants that take care in providing food that meets quality standards, should also take care in providing and serving filtered water.



There are plenty of reasons to be wary or avoid unfiltered tap water altogether. If you need more than 6 Reasons to Never Drink Tap Water Again you might want to read our previous article: Health Risks From Tap Water Contaminants. Next time you are out at a restaurant you may want to ask your server if the tap water runs through a water filtration system or a single-stage filter. If they say no, you could give them contact information to a water filtration company. You may also suggest filtration for their ice cube machine if you noticed that the ice cubes in your drink are not clear.

If more people suggested water filtration to restaurants, more restaurants may be willing to adopt filtration systems. Restaurants either thrive or fail based on the overall satisfaction of their patrons. However, keeping patrons happy is not the only reason a restaurant would want to implement a water filtration system. There are numerous benefits and financial incentives to making sure restaurant kitchen equipment properly utilizes water filtration.



Do you own a restaurant? If yes, you may want to read this article about how water filtration will benefit your restaurant by R|Magazine: Why Water Filtration is Good for Your Restaurant. When you dine out at a restaurant you care about the food quality, the atmosphere, and the service quality, so isn’t it time to care about the quality of the water you are drinking as well?