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School Water Fountain Filtration


School Water Fountain Filtration

Protect our children from ingesting harmful lead and contaminated in the water at school.

Pure Blue H2O single stage filtration unit easily attaches onto existing water fountains.

Filters are changed with a simple turn every six months.


Schools are filled with many water fountains, with our single stage water filter you are able to easily connect to existing water fountains and provide students with clean fresh water.


REDUCES: Lead, Cyst, VOC , Chlorine taste and odor, Chloramine, Asbestos, Mercury, MTBE, Turbidity and Pharmaceutical

Standard 401; Bisphenol A, Estrone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Nonyl Phenol and Phenytoin.

Operating Pressure Range: 40-120 PSI (2.8-8.3 BAR)

Operating Temperature Range: 33-100° F (4.4-37.7° C)

Rated Flow: 1.25 GPM (4.73 LPM)

Rated Capacity: 651 Gallons (2967 L)


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