G30 Countertop System with Guardian Max Filter

Color: White
Sale price$62.97


Main Filter Life Length: 10 Years

Guardian Max Filter Replacement: 6 Months

Why Pure Blue H2O?

Our high-capacity, maintenance-free countertop filters have a patented five-stage filtration system and is the longest lasting residential water filter available. Because this unit is Maintenance-Free, there is never a need to replace the cartridge. This filter is NSF-certified for chlorine reduction for 30,000 gallons which equates to less than 1/2 cent per gallon. Plus you get the Guardian Max filter!

Features and Benefits

  1. 30,000 gallon capacity
  2. Small Footprint
  3. Diverter Valve
  4. Bonus Guardian Max Filter
  5. Maintenance free for the life of the filter, no need to ever replace the G30 Classic.
  6. Attaches directly to your existing faucet and sits nicely on the edge of our kitchen sink.
  7. Allows for non-filtered flow for ordinary use or filtered flow for drinking and cooking
  8. Provides 1000 gallons or 6 months of 99% lead and cyst reduction
  9. Guardian Filter: Cyst Reduction includes: Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Toxoplasma and Entamoeba


G30 Classic filter uses 5-stage filtration technology to remove chlorine, bad taste and odors from your water for 30,000 gallons, making this filter last for over 10 years without the need of any replacement cartridges. The filter easily attaches to your existing faucet providing you with filtered water on demand.

NSF Certified and NSF/ANSI standard 42

Five Stages of Filtration

  • Stage 1 – Micron pad
  • Helps reduce the number of particles that contribute to bad odor and taste
  • Stage 2 – KDF-55 medium
  • Helps reduce the presence of contaminants such as chlorine, odors and particulates
  • Helps enhance performance of activated carbon layer and extends its life
  • Stage 3 – Micron pad
  • Helps reduce the number of particles that contribute to bad odor and taste
  • Stage 4 – Activated Coconut Carbon
  • Helps absorb and remove remaining impurities and chlorine from the water
  • Attracts negatively charged ions for better-tasting water
  • Stage 5 – Micron pad
  • Helps reduce the number of particles that contribute to bad odor and taste

BONUS Guardian Max filter

Guardian Max filter reduces more than 99% of lead and cyst for 1000 gallons or 6 months, as well as enhancing additional removal of chlorine, taste and odors.

Certified and Tested to NSF/ANSI 42 & 53

90 day limited warranty on the G30 water filter

Download Data Sheet and Manual

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