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Replacement Filter Reminder

Filter Replacement Reminder Registration

Complete the short form to the right to activate your reminder service.

Replacing your filters is a necessary part of enjoying clean, crisp water. Keeping track of when your filters need to be changed is sometimes difficult in the rush of everyday life. Pure Blue H2O offers a free filter replacement notification system that alerts you with a friendly reminder when it’s time to change your filters.

Register for your reminders by completing this short form, and we’ll send a notification to your email when it’s time for you to reorder. Each type of filter needs to be changed at a different time, so make sure you select the months to be reminded based on your filter types.

Want to forget the reminders? Sign up for our Annual Five-Pack Filter Subscriptions.

  • Pure Blue H2O sends email reminders for your filter replacement times. Periodically, we also send promotional emails with special savings offers only for our registered customers. By submitting this form you acknowledge that you may receive these special offers. Pure Blue H2O never sells or shares your information with any third party companies.

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