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Why is my sink not filling up?

Did you install your “Flow Restrictor” into the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter (Stage 3 Filter)?

To pull out the red tube from stage 3 filter hold down on the top of the white collet on the top of elbow,
and pull out red line while holding down.

Step 1: This is the flow restrictor with the red tab end down and clear tube end facing red line.


Step 2: Insert the clear end into the red line going to faucet.


Step 3: Make sure the red end is flush with your red line.


Re-insert the red line with restrictor in place back into the third filter/membrane elbow.

NOTE: It must be inserted all the way in the red tube coming from the faucet. It does take approximately 6 to 8 hours for the tank to fill up completely, so if you just installed the system, please give it time to fill up.