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3 Reasons Puppies Need Filtered Water Too

People are becoming more aware of the health risks posed by tap water contaminants, with more access to public research and information. Environmental Working Group now has a Tap Water Database that makes it much easier for the public to look up specific water contaminant levels by zip code.

Many people are aware that filtering out harmful water contaminants by using residential water filtration systems is a great way to preserve health and protect against illness that may result from drinking contaminated tap water.

An important question arises for pet owners after learning about tap water contaminant levels. Would you give your pet unfiltered tap water if you wouldn’t drink it yourself?

If you still give your pet unfiltered tap water, we encourage you to reconsider. Here are 3 reasons to consider filtered water for your pet.


1. Water Hardness

An article publish by suggests that urinary blockages in cats and dogs may be share a positive correlation linked to areas known to have higher levels of water hardness. If you want to save money on vet bills, you may want to check the hardness level of your local tap water supply.

2. Harmful Contaminants

Federal scientists have confirmed that the tap water contaminant Chromium 6 is carcinogenic, finding that mice and rats had developed malignant tumors after drinking Chromium 6 contaminated water,  according to Scientific American. Environmental Working Group has an Interactive Map to help the public find Chromium 6 levels by state or zip code. EWG research suggests that potentially two-thirds of Americans have water with potentially unsafe levels of Hexavalent Chromium. With research like this available to the public, choosing filtered water for your pet certainly seems like a logical decision.

3. You Love Your Pet

Pets are family too. Educate yourself about tap water contaminant levels in your local area. Knowing about specific contaminant levels can help you make an informed decision on water filtration for your home. Pets deserve protection from tap water contaminants too.