How Do You Choose The Best Water Filter Housing?

FAQ About Water Filter Housings

Water filter housings are the casings that surround your filter cartridge and control water flow. We will be answering some of the most common questions regarding water filter housings.

What Are The Different Types Of Water Filter Housings Available?

There are many types of water filter housings. Water filter housings can be two types: Point Of Entry (POE), and Point Of Use (POU). There are however subcategories that can be created based on the size, material and purpose.

The type of water filter housings you choose will depend on the materials.

  • Housing for PVC Cartridge Filter
  •  PVC Bag Filter Housing
  • Housings for Polypropylene Filtering

The type of filter housings that are best suited for your purpose will depend on the following:

  • Cartridge Filter Housing
  • Fabricated Strainers
  • Casted Basket Strainers
  • Self-Cleaning Filter
  • Y & T Strainer
  • Vent Filter

What's The Difference Between POE and POU Filter Housings?

POU water filter housings will filter your water right where you use it. A faucet or tap could be an example. POU systems protect filters under your sink, filters attached to your faucets, and filtration pitchers. This is the purpose of POU water system housings.

POE water filter housings, on the other hand, are designed for the whole house. These housings are also known as whole-house systems. They are connected to the mainline. They filter all water that enters your commercial or residential house. These large-capacity POE water filter housings serve this purpose.

Why Would You Want To Install Water Filter Housings?

It might seem strange to you that water filter housing is important. Installing water filter housing has many benefits. Water filter housings offer high capacity and versatility. They are designed to remove heavy sediments quickly because they are high-flow. You can reduce the number required for high-flow applications by installing large water filter housings. It can also withstand changes in water pressure. It will prove to be very useful for you because of its large cartridge capacity.

What Are The Main Features of Water Filter Housings?

You need to know the details of water filter housings and the reverse osmosis water filtration system before you buy one. Water filter housings of Pure Blue H20 have many good features. These include:

  • Superior strength and seal
  • Resistant against chemicals
  • High flow rates at a minimal pressure drop
  • The head option includes a pressure relief valve as well as a valve
  • The filtration system can be very economical
  • WQA certified. This certification ensures material safety and structural integrity.
  • There are many sizes of inlet/outlet fittings available

What Is The Working Principles of Water Filter Housing?

To remove sediment from water, the water filter housing can be used in conjunction with a water filter cartridge. The housing does not participate in the filtration process. The housing's inlet nozzle directs the flow to the cartridge. The housing then directs the flow towards the cartridge. This is where the filtration occurs. Once the water has been filtered, it is released through the outlet nozzle. Water filter housings speed up the filtration process by encouraging a higher water flow.

How Do You Choose The Best Water Filter Housing?

There are many types and sizes of water filter housings. How do you choose the right one for your water filter? You can consult a plumber if you don't have the manual for your water heater. They will be able to help you choose the right filter for you.

It is important to be able to identify the types of contaminants in your water. These contaminants can include suspended particles, dissolved microorganisms, and dissolved inorganics. Depending on what type of contaminants you are trying to eliminate, you can select the right filter type.

Consider the benefits and features that come with each type of housing. You can find the right match if you do your research and examine your water filter cartridge.

Hopefully, this answered your questions about water filter housing. If you are interested in a 3 stage reverse osmosis or a 4 stage reverse osmosis system contact us today. It's possible to install water filter housings yourself, but it's better to hire professionals. Pure Blue H20 can help you to find out more about our water filter housings.

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