• Skip the bottled water and experience a higher standard of water at home

    Cut down on bottled water cost by drinking water from home. Our easy to install NSF Certified 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis system will help you love the water at home while reducing plastic water bottle waste. How does saving money and helping the environment sound?

    Our Reverse Osmosis SystemDiscover Reverse Osmosis Benefits
  • Earn points for every purchase and redeem your points toward future purchases

    Now every purchase at pureblueh2o.com will earn you points redeemable toward future purchases on pureblueh2o.com. Points expire one year after they are earned. Up to 25% Off during checkout. $5 off per 100 points.

  • Practice sustainability and cut down on plastic water bottle cost

    Order our “Eco-Friendly” under-sink water filtration system with
    replaceable carbon filters that are biodegradable. Keep the filter housing, just replace the filter inside.

  • Test Your Water At Home, Be Aware of Contaminants

    Order a Water Quality Test Kit today and protect your family by knowing the water quality in your home.

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  • Filtered Water isn’t just for drinking.

    Showerhead filters contribute to good skin and hair by reducing exposure to chlorine and other chemicals. Easy to install, your shower can now help you look younger and feel great!

    Shop Shower Head Water FiltersShower Head Water Filter Advantages
  • Looking for parts or Replacement Filters?

    Pure Blue H2O carries a full line of manufacturer replacement parts
    and filters for every product we sell.

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  • Need help remembering to
    change your filters? We’ll remind you!

    Register today to for complimentary filter change updates. Receive a coupon code when you sign up for our email newsletter.

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  • Customer Care: 1-844-787-3148

    Have a question? Representatives are just a phone call away.
    Call us now, we’ll be glad to help!

“Let’s see how the water tastes when it comes out of this bad boy.”

Chef Brian DuffySpike TV’s Bar Rescue Celebrity Chef

“We love our unit. Keep watching for deals on the other items through your company. We definitely love our RO unit!”

Jeff S.Pure Blue H2O Customer

“Super nice 99% pure drinking and water to cook with.”

Neil G.Pure Blue H2O Customer

“I installed mine in the basement so I could easily run line to RO faucet in sink and to my refrigerator. My ice cubes are crystal clear!”

Joe D.Pure Blue H2O Customer

“My Direct Connect System was easy to install and now I feel great about drinking tap water at home.”

Andrew D.

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