4 Reasons Why You Should Cook with Filtered Water

Four Reasons You Should Cook with Filtered Water

Unless in the last hour Elon Musk has profoundly proved it otherwise, all living things need water to survive. Just as there are good and bad people walking this earth, there are also examples of good and bad water. Have you ever seen one of those survival shows where the guy or girl is emaciated, and been living off bugs, berries, and sporadic rainwater for eleven days, but STILL won’t drink the water from that murky creek? Yeah, that’s bad water–because it’s contaminated with bacteria and must be boiled to be consumed. In most cases, we associate water with drinking but often the importance of using refined cooking water goes overlooked.

From washing your farm produce to simmering your mouth-watering broths, cooking water is an integral part of meal preparations.

Advantages of Using Filtered Cooking Water

Based on numerous studies conducted over the years, it is especially important to use clean cooking water. This is because the water you ingest directly affects your overall health. The purer and cleaner your cooking water is, the better it is for your body.


Here are some of the key benefits of cooking with filtered water:

  1. Using Filtered Cooking Water Enhances Flavor to Food and Drinks

Water filtration contributes to the preservation of food’s natural flavor. By removing unnecessary contaminants, your food will taste decidedly better. This is because unfiltered water may contain a distinctive metallic taste.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that chlorine, fluorine, and several other chemical additives affect the color of food. For example, chlorine, a bleaching agent, contributes to the leaden color of food. When your cooking water is filtered, you will notice the vibrancy of your food. Meals prepared with filtered water look far more appetizing.

Contaminate-free cooking water ensures that your meals are cooked in its most natural state- the food’s color, taste, and nutrition level is minimally tampered with.

Aside from the effect it has on your meals, water filtration improves the taste of your water-based beverages like coffee and tea.


  1. Promotes Optimal Preservation of Vitamins

This is without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits of using filtered cooking water because not only will your taste buds be dancing from the whole explosion of tastes, but your health will prosper from its positive impact.

One of the core elements of a healthy lifestyle is incorporating meals high in nutrients. When including water filtration methods in your meal prep, no matter what dish you decide to prepare, you can be sure that you will get all the major nutrients from your meal.

If you have young children who are growing and developing, you should use clean cooking water for them to get all the essential nutrients and vitamins.


  1. Water Filtration Helps in Producing Optimal Baking Results

More and more restaurants are quickly getting on-board with the use of filtered water when preparing their freshly baked bread and tasty goods.

When baking bread, the efficacy of yeast is the make it or break it of a good loaf. If the yeast does not rise, then the bread will end up hard and rather dry. But hold on, you just might be able to quit your day job. Thank you filtered water!

Baking with filtered water increases the effectiveness of yeast allowing it to rise more which results in softer treats. Some of the minerals present in unfiltered water inhibit the natural reactive nature of yeast and by extension, interfere with the fermentation process by slowing it down. This can also lead to the entire gluten structure of the dough being distorted.


  1. Filtered Water Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

The mere fact that filtered water does not contain any harmful substances makes it a naturally healthier drinking option. Although many of these substances in unfiltered water only exist in trace amounts, it is important to realize that when these contaminants are ingested over time, they accumulate and lead to health problems.

By filtering your water for household use, valuable minerals such as calcium are retained. At the same time, harmful contaminants such as lead, and mercury are eliminated. In the absence of these harmful contaminants, the body is free and works in an optimized environment. Eventually, one’s immune system and overall health improve.

More so, water filtration leaves you with water that is not only healthier but also fresher and more hydrating. Your health, skin, and hair will no longer be dry and will look fantastic……if only you could see me now!


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