Here’s Why Is It Important to Replace Your Water Filters on Time

Here’s Why Is It Important to Replace Your Water Filters on Time 

Have you been told that it is important to replace your water filters on time? Then you might be wondering why. In this article, we will explain to you the reason why you must replace your water filters regularly.

What happens if the water filter isn't replaced on time? The answer is simple: your water will not be free of contaminants. Water filters are crucial to every home these days because no one wants toxic water pollutants on their glass, and definitely not inside their stomachs. But despite having water filters at home, the cases of water contamination are still high. This is because of not replacing the filter cartridge timely.

The filter cartridge acts like a sponge that collects all potential contaminants in your drinking water. This filter cartridge becomes weaker with time, and thus it fails to purify the water properly. So if you don't replace the filter cartridges when needed, the system can potentially stop functioning correctly.  

The filter might become a huge source of bacteria, mole, and other dangerous pollutants if not replaced properly. As these pollutants build up inside the filter, it will become clogged, and the water will have a hard time passing through the system. This will decrease the flow and have a dramatic impact on the water pressure inside the pipes.

As a result, water will pass through the system unfiltered. This same water will come out through your faucets and eventually enter your body carrying many unwanted chemicals. Ingesting these pollutants can cause a myriad of stomach problems and adverse health issues.

So there is no point in having a filter at home if you're not replacing the cartridge timely!

How to know when I should replace my water filter?

Now that you know why you have to replace the filter, you might be wondering how you will know when is the right time before it's too late. There are some easy ways to detect that-

  • The water takes on an unpleasant taste, and there is a strange odor in it.


  • There is a gradual decrease in the water pressure.


  • Take water in a transparent container and check if you notice dirt floating inside


  • Check the installation guide of your water filter model. There you can find the replacement schedule for that particular system. This is important because when you should change, the filter varies from model to model.


  • If you can't find the installation guide and also don't know what model your filter is, you will have to narrow down the choice by selecting a filter type.

Remember to keep track of the date you replaced the filter so that you know when you have to do it again. Always keep the installation guide in a place where you remember instead of discarding it. If you're able to do all these, you will easily know when it's the right time to replace your filters.

The repercussions of not replacing your filters on time should be clear to you now. So to keep your filtration system functional, don't make any delays in replacing your filter when you have to! Contact us today to get replacement filter for your reverse osmosis system.

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