What Is The Best Countertop Water Filtration System?

What Is The Best Countertop Water Filtration System?

If you want to live your best life, one of the best ways to start is by drinking the highest, and best quality of water possible. And one of the best ways to make sure you have high-quality water is by making sure you have a great water filtration system. 

When it comes to getting the best water for your home and your family, you will want to make sure you have a countertop water filtration system installed. When you are looking for best countertop water filtration system, one of the best options available for you and your family is the Pure Blue H2O system

What Sets Pure Blue H2O Apart From The Pack? 

This countertop water filtration system makes use of a patented five-stage filtration system which allows for it to be one of the absolute longest lasting residential countertop water filtration systems available on the market. These filters have a great capacity and are maintenance-free filters. Because this system makes use of maintenance-free filters, you will also never have to worry about replacement cartridges for the life of your system. However, the Pure Blue H2O system’s benefits go even further than its filters. The system is NSF-certified for reducing chlorine for about 30,000 gallons of what, which ends up costing out to less than half a cent per gallon of water it will create for your home. 

Features And Key Benefits Of The Pure Blue H2O

Supplying your home with the best quality of water possible comes easy when you have the best countertop water filtration system. Here are some of the benefits and features of the Pure Blue H2O system.

Large Capacity: This system has an outstanding 30,000-gallon capacity.

Eco-friendly: The eco-footprint of this water filtration system is rather small. 

Low Maintenance: Because you have the Guardian Max filter with this system, you can relax and not worry about constant maintenance. The maintenance-free filters will never need to be replaced. The Guardian Max filter itself has a 10-year lifespan.

Easy Attach: This water filtration system can attach to the faucet you already have installed, and it will sit nice and cleanly on the edge of your kitchen sink. 

A Better Filtration: This system will reduce the amount of lead and cyst by 99 percent, and can even improve the removal of chlorine, the taste, and the odor of your water. 

Five Stages Of Filtration

Stage 1: Micron Pad

This first stage helps the system reduce the number of particles in your water that can lead to bad tastes or odors. 

Stage 2: KDF-55 Medium

This is where a lot of contaminants like chlorine and other particles are reduced even further. This allows the carbon layer to work better later on, and have its life extended. 

Stage 3: Micron Pad

An even deeper scrub of particles made it through the first layer of the pad. 

Stage 4: Activated Carbon

Any remaining impurities (and even chlorine) are absorbed out of your water. This layer attracts negatively charged ions from your water which results in it tasting a lot better. 

Stage 5: Micron Pad

One final layer to help catch any impurities that have made their way this far.

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