How Often Do I Replace My Reverse Osmosis Filter?

How Often Do I Replace My Reverse Osmosis Filter?

While there is a general rule of thumb that says you should be replacing your reverse osmosis water filtration system’s filters about once every 12 months in order to ensure that your system is running at its peak performance and you are getting the cleanest water possible in your home. However, there are circumstances that could call for you to have to keep an eye on your filters and change them out a little sooner than every 12 months. This article will discuss the importance of a reverse osmosis filter and when to change it.


It is vital that you keep an eye on your reverse osmosis filtration system’s filters because a lack of doing so can result in you missing some issues and leaving your system compromised and allowing sediment and other contaminants through into your home’s drinking water. These types of issues can not only be harmful to your system (possibly resulting in larger issues if left unchecked) but also your and your family’s health. 


Why Change Your Filters And Cartridges? 

Because it is the job of the filer to catch sediment and debris, it should be no surprise that the harder these filters work, the more they can end up accumulating debris, and over time this accumulation can result in system compromising clogs. When your filters start clogging they become more and more ineffective until they are basically useless. However, there are more reasons to change filters than simply clogging. 


If your reverse osmosis filtration system runs with a carbon-based filter, you will want to keep a close eye on the filter. These carbon-based filters can actually use up their adsorptive properties the more they are used, which can result in them wearing out and becoming ineffective. 

So, while it is a good idea to change out your filters and cartridges as part of the routine yearly maintenance of your water filtration system, there is something to be said for keeping a closer eye on the life of your filters, as changing them out slightly too soon would be a lot better than leaving them a little too long to replace. 


A Professional Touch

While there is some maintenance that you can do on your own, it is oftentimes best to leave the actual replacing of the water filtration system filters to a seasoned professional. While a lot of the different filters can look similar, the small differences vary greatly and matter immensely. This means that it is crucial that you have the exact right filter for your home’s system (even the slightest wrong move can render your entire system useless.) 


Knowing When To Make The Change

If you have not been keeping an eye on your water filtration system and its filters up until now, you can tell you may need to change your filters if you start to see some of the telltale signs of a failing or faulty system such as your drinking water starting to have a slight odor to it, or even something more drastic like you are seeing some sediment in your water.


How Does The Filtration System Work For My Home? 

Your home’s drinking water can have chlorine, sediment, and various other contaminants in it. With a reverse osmosis filtration system, these contaminants are removed from your drinking water by using a pre-filter, which can remove some of the larger sediment and contaminants, before it flows through the semipermeable membrane to help remove a lot of the dissolved contaminants from your water. Finally, the water that passed through the membrane goes through a postfilter which makes absolutely sure that it is clean and clear before it is fed into your home’s faucets for use. There are different types of reverse osmosis systems that come with various numbers of pre and post-filter options. 


Depending on what kind of contaminants you are dealing with in your home’s drinking water, you may want a system that has a few more filter stages, or if you already have relatively clean water, you can get away with one of each. Contact us today to replace you reverse osmosis filter and for other water filtration products as well.

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