Water filtration systems are the basic foundations of a home. You simply can't live without clean water to drink or to do the chores. 

Another main question would be about the type of water system that would be the best for your home. Stop worrying because Pure Blue H20 is here to assist you in deciding the best one!

The two water systems covered in this article are the 'Reverse Osmosis (RO)' and 'Under Sink Reverse Osmosis' Water Filtration Systems

Reverse Osmosis Water System

People generally believe that water has no taste. But if you ask me, it does. Therefore, RO Water Systems can prove the best for providing safe and healthy drinking water. 

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Upon hearing the term 'Reverse Osmosis', the first question in your mind would be about this term's meaning. 

Osmosis is the process which allows the movement of water particles from higher to lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane. 

Precisely, Osmosis allows water molecules to move through a membrane with pores that only allow particles of the size of water molecules to pass through it.

Reverse Osmosis is the process used to remove harmful substances or impurities from water to make it safe to drink.

RO systems use water pressure and concentration to drive water through the semipermeable membrane while keeping away the impurities from contaminating the clean water.

Pros Of A Reverse Osmosis Water System

The best water system is the one whose pros outweigh the cons. In this manner, the best Reverse Osmosis Water System has the following qualities that make it a must-have for your household:

  • Enhanced Taste and Clarity: It helps eliminate particles that contaminate the water, give off a sour taste, and disturb water transparency.
  • Removes Bad Odor: Water that reaches your home travels from various areas and may comprise harmful chemicals that give off a bad odor. The RO system ensures that the water bids farewell to these toxic chemicals and is clean before reaching you.
  • Save Costs: Due to the RO system, you don't have to purchase clean drinking water from an external company since the water is available to you at home at a lower price. 
  • Easy Maintenance: The hardware involved in such systems incorporates few removable parts, and therefore, cleaning is made easier than ever.

Stages Of Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

The equipment involved in RO systems includes large tubes that seemingly work as filters. Some include three tubes, while the others may include four or five tubes. 

The tubes carry out different processes of water filtration. Let's discuss them in detail to help you opt the best one.

  • Three-Stage Reverse Osmosis

  • As the name implies, water undergoes three stages before finally reaching you. The stages are:

    1. The Carbon Pre Filter stage removes substances that give a bad taste and odor to the water, such as chlorine. 
    2. Reverse Osmosis Membrane strains out solid waste, including metals, sand, or dirt.
    3. The Carbon Post Filter stage includes activated carbon which ensures that the water is polished to make it crystal clear.
    Reverse Osmosis Water System for Home

    • Four-Stage Reverse Osmosis

    In this process, water has to pass through four stages of strict filtration before it reaches you:

    1. Sediment Pre Filter stage screens out sand and dirt along with tiny microscopic impurities.
    2. Carbon Pre Filter removes chlorine that causes bad taste and odor.
    3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes solid waste substances. 
    4. Polishing Filter ensures that the water is polished to become crystal clear before it reaches you. 
    Reverse Osmosis Water System for Home

    Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

    Under Sink water systems are mainly found in kitchen sinks to purify the water before cleaning or drinking. 

    Importance Of An Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

    The Under Sink system is basically an application of the RO system. 

    • You can now drink water directly coming from the tap instead of filling bottles.
    • The vegetables for salad will taste even better when cleaned with water free of impurities, bad taste, and odor.
    • Washing your hands and face from fresh and clean water can uplift your mood and make you feel lively and cheerful.

    Stages Of Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

    The working mechanisms of the best Under Sink Reverse Osmosis systems are the same as explained about RO systems. They consist of a single-stage, dual-stage, and triple-stage filtration system. 

  • Single-Stage Under Sink Systems

  • Single-stage systems consist of one large tube used as a filter. The main features of a Single-Stage system are the following:

    • It contains an activated carbon filter that removes tastes and odors, usually caused by chlorine.
    • The carbon or polishing screens improve the visual clarity of water. 
    • Some appliances strictly involve the use of filtered water. It protects their usage.
    • Its longevity may range up to 12 months, depending upon the quality and quantity of water filtered.
    • Its capacity may range up to 2500 gallons.
    Reverse Osmosis Water System for Home

  • Dual-Stage Under Sink Systems

  • Dual-Stage systems comprise two large tubes attached underneath a sink to use as a filter for water coming out of the faucets. Its features include the following:

    • It can efficiently filter out harmful substances from water such as cysts, lindane, atrazine, and lead.
    • The two stages provide an added amount of cleaning because the water undergoes several filtration processes before coming out as clean and harm-free.
    • It may last for about 6 months, depending upon the amount and quality of water it has filtered.
    • It may have a capacity of 500 gallons.
    Reverse Osmosis Water System for Home

  • Triple-Stage Under Sink Systems

  • It involves three large tubes to pass water through a strict water filtration process and ensure extra cleanliness of the water. The main features of this system are the following:

    • You don't need to install any drains or tanks to make this type of Under Sink system functional.
    • The flow rate of water is typically higher than ordinary filtration systems.
    • There is a slightly lower chance of filtered water going back unused.
    • It helps carry out microbiological filtration (removing microscopic organisms such as virus, bacteria, and cysts from water)
    • It enhances the taste and clarity of the water.
    • Its capacity may approximately be equal to 1000 gallons.
    Reverse Osmosis Water System for Home

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