Ever wondered why after even taking adequate cleaning measures, you still end up having bad skin?

Is your hair as nice as it should be even after using the most expensive shampoo?

Something certainly is wrong. Sorry to tell you, but the reality is that the water you use to clean your skin up is actually hard on your skin.


Shower Head Water Filter



Chlorine in the water

So basically, water has high levels of chlorine embedded into it. This chlorine is not only dangerous to human skin but is also dangerous for human health. 

Here are some of the major issues that shower chlorine causes.

  • Chloride ions seep through the skin and accumulate within the body.
  • Hair loss is one of the major issues of chlorine exposure.
  • Exposure to chlorine also causes acne and eczema.
  • The THM present in the shower can also cause Cancer.

The Solution:

The only way you can avoid all this is by investing in a shower head Water filter.

The world is progressing as we speak; innovations are coming into this world every other moment, along with them comes these modern shower head filters.

Showerhead Water Filters are designed to remove all the toxic impurities from the water, including chlorine while keeping the water pressure the same.

The Rain Garden Shower Head Filter

It provides a comfortable shower experience purifying up to 30,000 oodles of water in each filter.


Shower Head Water Filter


Features and Benefits

Water-powered LED lights let you know when your water temperature is right.

  • Last for 30,000 gallons
  • Reduces over 95% chlorine.
  • 3-tone LED light fluctuates and lets you know when your water is taciturn, warm, or hot
  • Long-lasting only change once a year
  • Brings softness to the skin
  • Water pressure activated.
  • Filter included

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