8 Reasons To Install A Water Filter System

 8 Reasons To Install A Water Filter System

Water quality is crucial for your health, whether you are drinking water, washing your clothes, or cooking your food. Many people still drink chlorine-treated water, which can contain harmful bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. Water is essential for maintaining life. Water is essential for every person to be able to function properly. More than 70% of our bodies are water.

Ironically, only a small amount of water is safe to drink considering that water covers two-thirds the earth's surface. Water from your tap might not be as pure even though it has been treated with water purifiers. This is because water can easily pick up contaminants once it leaves the water treatment facility. This is true even if water is stored in private wells. Installing a water filter system is a great way to make sure you have clean, pure water at home.

Filtering water can remove bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals. Consider the inconvenience of having your water tested frequently. A home water filtration system is the best and most cost-effective way to filter water.

There are many types of home water filtration systems on the market. The top are:

  • Activated Carbon. This filter is the most popular and least expensive of all the water filters. It is typically installed below the sink. The filter cartridges can be replaced as often as necessary. Activated carbon filters are effective in eliminating parasites, chemicals, and heavy metals from water.
  • This reverse osmosis filter system is the best. Reverse osmosis uses air pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane. This system effectively filters out almost all contaminants. The output is between 50 and 90 gallons each day.

No matter what type of water filter system you use, you'll reap the many benefits that come with it.

  1. You can have safe drinking water at any time. Filtering your water will ensure that you have safe drinking water. This is in contrast to tap water or bottled water from your local water treatment plant. Even though it was filtered, unfiltered water can still contain contaminants like lead. Water treatment plants add chemicals like fluoride or chlorine to water as a treatment method. These chemicals and other impurities are eliminated when you have a home water filtration system. If you enjoy going on day trips, sports, or picnics, fill safe water bottles with filtered drinking water.
  2. Protect the environment. Last year, 50 Billion plastic water bottles were purchased in the United States. Only 38% of these plastic water bottles were recycled and the rest ended up in landfills. You won't be adding more trash to landfills by installing a home water filter system. Plastic bottles will eventually disintegrate in 450 years on average.
  3. Reduce skin irritation. Skin conditions can be aggravated by substances such as heavy metals and fluoride. This can lead to eczema and psoriasis, particularly in children.
  4. Cost Savings Installing a water filter at your home will save you a lot of money if you currently buy bottled water. You can save at least $700 per year if you have four people in your home and they each drink three 16.9-ounce bottles of water daily. This assumes that you purchase an average-priced 24 pack of water bottles for $5.00.To see how much a reverse osmosis system costs visit our website. An average RO filter replacement costs around $50-80 for a new filter each year.
  5. Reduce plumbing repair bills. Filtered water can help you reduce the cost of plumbing repairs and lower your repair costs. Unfiltered water may contain heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals that can damage your plumbing system. Not only can the pipes be damaged, but other appliances in your home that use water may also be affected. This includes your water dispenser and refrigerator ice maker, garbage disposal as well as the dishwasher, washing machine, and dishwasher.
  6. Increase disaster preparedness Water contamination can occur if a sewer line breaks near your home. You will be protected if you have an advanced water filter system installed in your entire house.
  7. Enhance the taste of your drinking water. Water filters get rid of elements that can cause water to taste or smell unpleasant, like lead, chlorine, and bacteria. Your drinking water will have a better taste and smell thanks to a home water filtration system. It lowers the pH level in the water you drink.
  8. Reduce your risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases. Water can contain several parasites and microorganisms. Filtration can remove parasites that can cause digestive and intestinal problems.

You should not drink unfiltered water anymore, now that you are aware of the many benefits of a water filter system. Not only will you ensure you have clean water but also make sure your health concerns regarding drinking chemical-laden or contaminated water are addressed.

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