Looking For A Countertop Water Filtration System?

Looking For A Countertop Water Filtration System?

A countertop water filtration system is one of the most effective and inexpensive items that you can use for improving your home water supply. Countertop water filters are an effective device for filtering your water at the source and they require very little installation. Your countertop water filtration solutions operate with a small diverter valve replacing the aerator in your faucet. You can screw off the aerator, screw on the new diverter valve and have your water ready to filter on demand. 

At its core, these water filtration devices will divert your water supply from the tap through a filtration device and through a series of filter cartridges. After the water passes through each stage of the filter cartridge it will leave through the spout which will fill up your container and provide you with cold water out of the filtration faucet. The diverter pops back into place, restoring your sink and giving you access to unfiltered water for doing dishes or completing tasks with hot water on your regular faucet. The goal of these countertop water filtration systems is to offer inexorably diverse sink diversion solutions that can fit into place inexpensively. These systems are quite versatile and they often come with a five-stage filter system that offers better-tasting water and the removal of a variety of contaminants from your home water supply. 

Countertop units require replaceable filter cartridges and most of the time these filters can last for up to six months if you have a home water softener. Rather than having to face the expense of a whole home water supply, these filters can provide you with a filtration source at your tap that removes heavy metals, nitrates, bacteria, fluoride and more. 

Countertop units often have their filtration system sit below the countertop to free up counter space and offer a versatile filtration system. There are a series of older style filters that come in disposable units but most of the time these water filtration systems last over six months and with a single replaceable carbon cartridge. The most common application is to provide a source of drinking water that removes various chemicals from the tap water and improves the taste. The carbon cartridge can be replaced underneath the sink every six months and this reduces contaminants like heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria, and more. Staying up on the maintenance and regularly replacing the filter will make sure that it continues its use easily. 

Some of the less popular styles of filtration devices also come with a return diverter that brings filtered water back into the hose conserving the amount of filtered water that the hose dispenses. These types of filters are not always preferred for their overall taste. 

Another option that you could consider for a water filtration system is the end of faucet style filters. These filters will remove many of the contaminants but the filtration system often comes with just a few stages and they are far less advanced than the countertop water filters that can remove extra contaminants. If you like the results that an end of faucet filter provides, you should strongly consider the idea of a countertop water filter for your home to experience an even more noticeable difference in your home water quality.

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