Unfiltered Water Vs. Filtered Water

Unfiltered Water Vs. Filtered Water


The water we drink is very important to our health and it deserves the best quality possible, but reverse osmosis water filtration systems are not the right choice for most people. When you think of "best quality," you probably think of safe, pure water that tastes clean and has no odor. Unfortunately, most "filtering systems" on the market do not live up to those standards. You need to make an informed decision about whether your home needs a reverse osmosis water dispenser, and then decide if it is worth the extra investment. This article will go over the difference between unfiltered water vs. filtered water.

Reverse osmosis filtering provides clear, contaminant-free water from your tap. The process removes large particles from the water as it runs through a highly pressurized water filtering system. It also takes out a good portion of the good, essential trace minerals found in water, and some cancer-causing toxins. If you have health concerns, reverse osmosis is probably not a choice you should make for your home.

Filtered water is much safer for your health and your family. Most contaminants are smaller than water particles in a reverse osmosis water filtration system, so they are unable to pass through. Less than 1% of all water contaminants can be reduced by using a water filtration system, including chlorine and other volatile organic chemicals. Unfiltered water is simply run through a filter that traps the contaminants and does not release them into the water supply. If you drink unfiltered water, you could be harming yourself by allowing these carcinogens to stay in your body.

Unfiltered water can contain traces of naturally occurring minerals like potassium and magnesium, which are good for your health. Filtered water goes through a complicated series of filtration steps to remove chemical contaminants, but minerals are removed in even more complex ways, and it is uncertain whether or not these extra steps are sufficient to make water safe for drinking. The cost of using a water filtration system, including reverse osmosis, may actually increase your water bill since you are paying to remove valuable nutrients from your water.

The best choice between unfiltered water vs. filtered water is clear - buy a home water filtration system and contact us today! For just a few dollars, you can have the cleanest water you've ever tasted, and without any added costs to you. 

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